Javi Jiménez: “We tried but we didn’t succeed”

The Malaguista left-back held a post #MálagaAlmería press conference and said to the fans: “Don’t give up. Together it will be easier.”


13/02/2022 00:01

The Blue and White defender considers that “today’s the day to focus on the positive. The team showed very good order in defence. We’re finding that balance we need. That’s what we’re emphasising after conceding so many goals, and the team is responding,” he said in terms of the team’s defensive performance.

“Mentally, the entire dressing room is angry, it’s going to be a long night. Many times the three points remain, but we need to put that aside and assess what the team has done. We didn’t claim the three points, but we did all we could to get them,” added the number ‘3’.

On an individual level: “I don’t talk about individual performances as it’s all about the group. We’ll improve our attack by working hard every day, as we have been doing. It’s not about over-thinking it, if today it wasn’t to be, then next week it will be,” Javi added.

Regarding the Almería goal: “Sadiq made the shot, but the goal is a success for Almería. It was a great action by Portillo. It’s more the rival’s success than our mistake,” he said.

“For us, a fortnight ago we started a league of 17 games. This week Almería, next week Real and then Cartagena,” added the defender, who went on to talk about the fans: “We understand how they must feel, we feel the same. We tried to do our best. Please continue to support us, don’t give up, as together it will be easier.”

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25/04/2022 13:22 | Training

Back to training at the Annexe

Málaga CF returned to training this Monday morning, following a day off yesterday, at La Rosaleda’s Annexe. Javi Jiménez, who sustained injury during #MálagaEibar, was absent from training.