Javi Jiménez: “We have to improve our defence”

The Malaguista left-back talked to MCFTV about the defeat by Mirandés. “I congratulate them for their effectiveness,” he said in the Anduva mixed zone.


30/01/2022 21:55

“At the start the team did a lot of things well on the attack. They scored an early goal which put us on the back foot, but the team never lost face during play. Even though they scored that second goal, we went to half-time with the sensation that we could have got into the game,” he said.

In Javi’s words, going 3-0 down was a “a blow. Being self-critical, the reality is we have to improve our defence. We need to work hard and reinforce the things the team did well,” he added.

New coach and “a full week to grasp Natxo’s concepts, listen hard, with maximum enthusiasm and with the focus firmly on Zaragoza,” said the number ‘3’.

Finally, regarding his former team, he commented: “It’s hard to come back and get a result like this. It’s a very special place for me, I congratulate them for the three points and for their effectiveness.”

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25/04/2022 13:22 | Training

Back to training at the Annexe

Málaga CF returned to training this Monday morning, following a day off yesterday, at La Rosaleda’s Annexe. Javi Jiménez, who sustained injury during #MálagaEibar, was absent from training.