Iván Calero: “We showed pride and hunger”

The defender reviews the point scored against CD Lugo in a match that became an uphill struggle: “It was about ambition and fight”.


28/11/2020 12:21

Hard-fought match

“When we were 0-2 down, with CD Lugo the superior side in the first half, we knew they were a difficult team, and it was really tough to generate spaces. However, we showed the pride and hunger that this team has. This point feels like more”.

A man down, added difficulty

“We knew that with 10 men we’d have to run more and do a lot more than the rival to be able to claim a point from this game. In the end things went our way and we secured the point”.


“The feelings we get from this game is that this is a team that never gives up in the face of adversity, keeps fighting, despite being a player down. Even when we went level, we continued to push as we saw we could clinch victory, but in the end this point was about ambition and fight”.

Talking about... Iván Calero

28/04/2021 14:52 | First team

Calero progressing well

The Blue and White defender is recovering at a good pace from the serious injury to the cruciate ligament in his left knee sustained in 2020.