Integrity talk at the Federación Malagueña

Following first team training, LaLiga’s Tino Villabona gave an informative talk to Málaga CF’s players and coaching staff on the subject of sports betting.


29/09/2021 16:31

As with the start of every season, LaLiga informed the group of players of the importance of avoiding betting to prevent sanctions both individually and for the clubs involved.

Sports betting involves the movement of millions of euros via organised criminal gangs in this area, akin to those in the world of prostitution or drugs.

Players will be subject to hefty penalties should they get involved in sports betting. LaLiga has a tool that controls the odds and fluctuations anywhere in the world. And the RFEF penalises this type of action and can even revoke the federation licence from the football player involved.

In addition, the player must not bet on the football pools due to their direct involvement in the game. Players are also urged not to accept gentlemen's agreements involving match fixing for example, as they are criminal actions in the penal code. The famous third party bonuses, likewise, are totally prohibited and constitute a crime. The criminal consequences can be extremely serious.

Finally, Tino recommended to the Malaguista players about the prevention of ultra-groups in stadiums and to remain cautious regarding content that is uploaded to social networks. An encouraging and instructive talk from LaLiga at the Federación Malagueña de Fútbol ground that will again bolster, for another season, the Entity’s commitment to Fair Play in Spanish football.

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