Guede: “Time to think about next season”

The Malaguista coach held his final post-match press conference of the season. “It was a match where neither of the two teams had anything at stake and it was resolved due to a mistake,” he said.


28/05/2022 20:40

Málaga CF coach Pablo Guede held a press conference at the Anxo Carro following #LugoMálaga, the final LaLiga SmartBank match.

He kicked off by analysing the game, of which he said that “neither of the two teams had anything at stake and it was resolved due to a mistake. The important thing is that we competed, the season is over and now it’s time to think about next season,” he said.

Regarding the conclusions of the match, he stated: “I prefer to make the assessment inside and start making decisions.”

“We saved ourselves, which is what I was brought in for, and we fulfilled the objective,” he added.

Lastly, he talked about the level of LaLiga SmartBank. “I got a great impression, I saw it on TV, but I loved experiencing it from the inside. With almost all the teams being equal, the matches are decided by details and are incredibly close,” he concluded.

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