Guede: “The intensity has to be the same, the players really want this”

The Malaguista coach spoke to the media following the draw with Real Valladolid CF: “It’s only up from here.”


09/04/2022 21:49

Pablo Guede made his official debut as Malaguista coach this Saturday in an electric match against this rival. The coach responded to the media’s questions following the match in an extensive press conference.

“It was a tremendous match by both teams. At times we were able to counter Valladolid, yet other times we couldn’t as they have very good gameplay. The point is fair. We generated opportunities in the second half to score another goal, although they also had options. I remain with the attitude of the players, we can’t reduce the intensity or dedication as we must continue scoring points,” he stated.

Then he was asked about the physical impact on the team: “The intensity has to be the same, the players really want this. Everything that happened is down to their belief. We need to continue giving our all in order to keep scoring points, that’s what we must do now,” he said about his players’ dedication.

In regard to his debut, the coach responded: “It’s hard to focus on just one moment as the emotions are mixed. We need to be in the match 100 per cent, but seeing the fans supporting us, particularly in the last free kick, it gives you goosebumps. We’ll have many moments like this if we continue with this level of commitment. I only have words of thanks for the fans.”

“I'm not worried about the physical aspect. What I saw in training I saw on the pitch. We train to make that physical effort. I’m demanding of them because they can do it, and physically they’re fine,” he said when asked about the current stage of the season.

Guede is clear, the focus has to be on the next match. “We now need to think about Leganés. We’re depending on ourselves, focused on winning. This has to be the way forward for the next seven weeks. Then we’ll see where we are in the league. From tomorrow, it’s all about Leganés.”

“I didn't have to reset my mind, I didn’t have that feeling. It’s only up from here. We can’t go down from what we did today. We can lose, win or draw, but we must move forward,” he added.

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