Gallar: “We need to keep insisting”

The midfielder had a few words for the media in La Rosaleda’s press room, following the 1-1 draw against Villarreal B. “We want to win games and make the fans happy,” he said.


24/09/2022 22:15

Álex analyses the draw: “It’s a bittersweet feeling. We worked hard. In the second half the only danger they generated was the corner in the first 10 seconds. We have to score from the chances we create, and today there were many. Although this is the way forward, we need to keep insisting,” he stated.

The number ‘11’ also commented on Mel’s arrival. “The coach has arrived to bring a degree of normality. He wants us to enjoy what we’re doing and take each match at a time. Pepe is a manager who has had an extensive career and many successes. He changed the system and we felt more comfortable with a more populated midfield. He is a coach with clear ideas and who’s going to adapt to the players he has,” he affirmed.

In terms of his personal situation, “I was playing on the left wing and (Mel) believed I could be more decisive there,” said Gallar. “The fans value the effort you make. They know we’ve been doing pretty badly. The results and the gameplay just weren’t happening. We want to win at La Rosaleda and also away from home. We want to win games and make the fans happy.”

Lastly, he said about his responsibility within the team: “I’m one more member of this team, I take responsibility and want to be one of the important players this season,” he concluded.

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