First medical tests for the women’s team

The MCFF players underwent pre-season muscular and joint medicals to determine their physical condition and obtain information to prevent injuries.


11/08/2020 14:48

In groups of four, all team members passed through the three physical evaluation stations this Tuesday morning installed at La Rosaleda Stadium’s gym.

The team started out with physiotherapist, Sara Sancho, who examined the players’ muscles and joints. The second station was with goalkeeping coach, Alberto Mateo, who was in charge of carrying out anthropometric tests. The last post was with physical trainer, Jesús Dorado, who carried out quality of movement and strength tests. All data was then transferred to team delegate Rubén Jiménez, who entered it into the computer program for subsequent analysis. These measurements will contribute to the personal adaptation of physical work in training throughout the season.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the team will move from La Rosaleda’s gym to the pitch at the Cártama ground to begin training.

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MCF Academy match schedule

An exciting weekend is coming up for the Academy, featuring three thrilling matches kicking off on Sunday at 12:00 for Atlético Malagueño, Juvenil ‘A’ and MCF Femenino.

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MCF Academy results

Defeat for Malagueño in yesterday’s intense provincial derby in Antequera, whilst the Juvenil ‘A’ debuted with a huge away win. In 7-a-side football, there were clear victories in the league debuts of the Alevines and Benjamines.