Face to face with Lombán and Iván Jaime

Both players spoke to MCFTV to analyse the current situation following Friday’s training session: “We’ve adapted quickly and are training at a very good level”, said the defender.


22/05/2020 18:40

Return to group training


“It’s much better, we’re training in groups of 10. We’re progressing and, logically, when you can play more football with your teammates you can train in a much better way”.

Iván Jaime

“Much better. More work with the ball, more passing between teammates, more dribbling, more of everything. It’s been a great change, far better than training individually”.

You can notice the coach’s stamp


“We can work on certain details. We’re in groups of 10, not a complete 11, but we can work on different things. We can play with one another, it’s pretty rounded, but until the full team is training together, we can’t train specifically for the next LaLiga SmartBank match”.

Iván Jaime

“Little by little. There’s just 10 of us. We know it’s not the same as when we’re training together, but more or less we’re working towards the upcoming LaLiga SmartBank games”.

Timely preparation for the return of the competition


“I think there’s enough time, we’ve also got the advantage that the whole team has been getting ready for the return, and we’ve all come back well prepared. We’ve adapted quickly and from day one we have been training at a very good level. We still don’t know when the competition will resume, so we need to work hard every day and try to be at our best for the start”.

Iván Jaime

“Yes, I think that’s enough time. We’re working and training hard, with good rest time and looking after ourselves. We’ll arrive at the start of the competition well and measure up to the other teams”.

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The whole first team trained together for the first time in more than two months on Monday, in compliance with phase 4 of the training protocol set by LaLiga. Luis Hernández and David Lombán spoke to MCFTV: “Happy to be back to normal, training together. The feelings are very positive”.