Clay on their hands and smiles on their faces

The ‘Habla el barro’ workshop featured in what was an intense and enriching day for the Supercapacitad@s School at the Picasso Museum in Málaga.


10/06/2021 16:15

Due to the health restrictions, only a group of 10 players from the Supercapacitad@s School attended the ‘Habla el barro’ workshop at the Picasso Museum in Málaga. The boys and girls worked with clay, learning through its manipulation, playing with different shapes, textures and colours, and understanding the process of transformation of the material. With inspiration and reference from Miquel Barceló's temporary exhibition, ‘Metamorfosis’, clay was the protagonist of the activity.

The day kicked off with a visit to the Mallorcan artist's ceramics exhibition, where the group was able to acquire some ideas for the subsequent activity. The more than 30 ceramics were of different shapes and colours, featuring natural designs.

The Supercapacitad@s School continues learning in different environments. On this occasion they enjoyed the culture within one of the main museums in the city. As well as respect, effort, camaraderie and other football values, our players continue to develop as people.

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