Residencia Andalucía, sowing the seeds of the future

Representatives from the Club visited the facilities at Residencia Escolar Andalucía yesterday home to more than 20 young players from The Academy.


11/06/2021 12:26

Málaga Club de Fútbol’s judicial administrator, José María Muñoz headed up the delegation, accompanied by Sergio Paulo Barbosa ‘Duda’ and Rubén Castillo, head of sport and administration at the MCF Academy respectively. Also in attendance were Alberto Martínez (MCF’s Economic and Administration Department) and Javi Pérez (MCF’s Infrastructure and Maintenance Department).

Javier Moreno, director of Residencia Andalucía located in calle Julio Verne in the capital, acted as host of the facilities where over 20 members of the Blue and White Academy reside.

The residency has been in operation for more than a decade, in collaboration with MCF, and has been home to various players from the Blue and White youth ranks. Footballers including Ismael, Ramón and Juande, who current residents now look up to such as Roberto, Ibra, Bilal, Oso and Tamarit, amongst others, outstanding members of Málaga CF’s Juvenil ‘A’ team, league champions of the 20/21 season.


Statements to MCFTV


“We’re improving so much. We’re very happy. Javier, the director, is in 24-hour contact with us. We’re growing bit by bit in the residency. Everyone helps each other”.

“The players’ grades have improved so much. The most important thing for us isn’t the sporting aspect, it’s the human factor. When they leave, the ones who don’t make it as footballers, will remember Málaga as the place where they studied, and they can use their education to find work in the future”.

Javier Moreno

“My aim is to continue improving the facilities as much as possible, so that the kids feel at home, or better than being at home. The gym, for example, they have here, as well as a swimming pool and picnic facilities”.

“Studies are key. There comes a time when football ends and you need to have a plan ‘B’. In Spain and any other European country that plan ‘B’ stems from education”.

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