Cifu: “We have to physically prepare ourselves for what’s to come”

The Blue and White right-back was in training with his teammates and spoke to the Club media about his fitness and his recent paternity whilst in lockdown: “I was able to enjoy spending time with my daughter and help her mum. We’ve been very careful”.


21/05/2020 10:55

At 100 per cent

“I arrived back in pretty good shape, as have my teammates. We’re all at a good fitness level and now it’s all about improving so we can be at our best in time for the first match”.

Dad in lockdown

“Within this situation, which isn’t nice for anybody, I was able to enjoy spending time with my daughter, enjoying this special time in my life and help her mum over the first few days, which aren’t easy. We’ve been very careful, but have enjoyed it”.

The long-awaited return of LaLiga

“We’re all looking forward to the competition resuming. We know we have to go through all this preparation to minimise the risk of injury as much as possible and be at our best. We can’t wait, we wish it could start this week, but we must be so careful and under control. We have to physically prepare ourselves for what’s to come. It’s not going to be easy”.

Talking about... Cifuentes

19/05/2020 18:55 | Interview

Cifu is back

The fully recovered right-back re-joined training today with his teammates. “I’m delighted to be back and able to enjoy my first group training session. We were all looking forward to it”, he told MCFTV.

19/05/2020 14:20 | First team

Welcome to phase 3

Málaga CF returned to training, in compliance with the protocol set by LaLiga, in three groups of 10 players throughout this Tuesday morning.

26/04/2020 17:00 | First team

Málaga CF-Real Oviedo (3-0)

Adrián - from the penalty spot - Ontiveros and Cifuentes sealed a clear victory for the Malaguista fans against the rival from Asturias.