Chavarría: “I hope to get back to my best performance”

The Malaguista had a few words for MCFTV following his contract extension. “I’m delighted to be staying here, as from the outset they showed confidence in me after I sustained injury”, he said in thanks to the Club.


09/06/2021 19:08


I’m delighted to be staying here as from the outset they showed confidence in me after I sustained injury. Despite not being able to play the last matches, I hope to be back soon. I’ve half-way there with my recovery, not long to go now”.


“I’m doing it in stages. Tomorrow, 10th June, it will be three months of my recovery and I’ll start to return to running, which is very important. Hopefully we can continue working like this, in the gym and strength training. Thanks to the entire medical team I’m recovering in the best way possible and must continue on”.


“I’ve remained with the majority of my teams for three years, so hopefully it will be the same here and the successes continue, both on a personal and team level. Let’s hope we get off to a good, strong start”.

José Alberto López

“I was able to speak to him as soon as he arrived. You can tell he’s raring to go, he’s a coach that did very well at Mirandés, and that’s how his team played. I can’t wait to start working with him from the first day”.


“I didn’t have to adapt. I felt really good from the start and gave my all until the injury. I’m very pleased with my performance and hope to get back to my best when I’ve recovered”.

Return of the fans

“I'm really happy about that as well, as I always enjoyed playing in front of the fans. Although I haven’t been able to do it here yet, I’ve seen on video what our supporters are like. I'm really looking forward to playing with the fans”.


“We’ll see how the team shapes up and then look at the objectives we’ll set for ourselves over the year”.


“I’m staying here in June and the first week of July I’ll travel somewhere. However, I’ll continue my strength training I have to do as that cannot be left”.

Next season

“The aim is to do even better than we did this season. We must congratulate everyone as the team did so well with 18 professional players. Hopefully more players will arrive and then we can see how we can fulfil the team’s objectives, which is the most important thing for the Club and the fans”.

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09/06/2021 18:35 | First team

Chavarría is staying with us!

The striker, whose contract with the Club was due to end on 30th June, will remain with the Blue and White entity until the end of the 22/23 season.