Caye: “I wanted to help the team with goals”

The Huelva-born forward reviews the matchday 34 fixture at La Rosaleda between the Malaguistas and Albacete Balompié.


11/04/2021 17:13

Hunger for goals

“I was a bit disconcerted at first as I wasn’t sure if Jairo was in an offside position, but then I celebrated the goal. It was time, I wanted to help the team with goals. Above all, the three points were important. We’re in a very good dynamic now, we played a serious match”.

Very valuable 48 points

“It’s a somewhat difficult season. Few professional players, two cruciate injuries and we started the pre-season very late. These 48 points are so valuable. We need to continue adding points to the pot and get another win next time to seal our permanence in the category”.

Ambition and desire

“We need to get as high up the table as we can. Scoring points is crucial. We’ll take each match at a time, now we’re focused on a win against Las Palmas”.

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It was a solid win for Málaga in yesterday’s league duel against Albacete at La Rosaleda. A 2-0 victory that, almost, seals our place in LaLiga SmartBank for another season.