Buenacasa and Aarón, face to face

The two Blue and White players analyse the gradual return to group training and jointly express their feelings to MCFTV.


20/05/2020 12:15

Group work


“It’s something else. Mentally it’s good to be back in group training, you can see that things are getting closer to normality. Being back in training, seeing our teammates and training with the ball more is great”.


“The sensations are closer to what we’re used to. The session has changed dramatically. You can come into contact with the ball, your teammates, we can undertake rounds, possession, finishing exercises, combined play, mini-matches, we can see the goalkeepers. Everything seems closer to getting back to normal”.


Varied exercises


“We did possession work, rounds and a warm-up with a passing circuit. More work with the ball, which is what we’ve been missing recently. Of course, we returned to training, which is what we were all looking forward to, but what you really want is to play football and train more with the ball and your teammates. It’s a team sport and it felt strange to run or use the training poles individually. It feels more normal now, I’m super happy”.


“The session kicked off with a collective warm-up with people around us. Then we moved on to technical-tactical work, orientation and other exercises, with rapid entry and exit. Then we did rounds and plays combined with loss-pressure and a quick return following loss or finishing, then a mini-match with small goal areas”.


Gradual return


“Hopefully it won’t be long before a return date is announced. We’re preparing for when they tell us so we’re at the best level we can be”.


“You see people crossing the street, on the roads, entering the stadium…We’re a lot closer to what we’re used to in training now. These are steps that must be taken gradually and safely, which is the most important thing”.