Andrés: “I’ve been a Malaguista since I was little”

The ‘juvenil’ central defender made his debut last night in an official match with the first team, and expressed himself, with such maturity to the MCFTV cameras: "I still can't believe it."


31/05/2021 12:12


“I started the season in training with the Liga Nacional in Virreina, and little by little my lifelong dream has come true. Malagueño, Malaguista since I was little, and I’ve just made my first team debut”.

From Benjamines to the 'A'

“I arrived in the first year of Benjamín, I think this is my ninth year here now. I’ve been coming to the stadium since I was a young boy, I would walk out with the players during the Champions stage, was a ballboy whenever possible and now I’m here among the best living my dream. I still can’t believe it”.

17 years old!

“I turned 17 in February. I started with the first year ‘Juvenil’ team and ended up debuting with the first team in the Second Division. I entered the first team dynamic in January, and I was determined to learn as much as I could, enjoy myself and make the most of every squad list, every trip…”

Next season

“Next year, God willing, and if I join the pre-season, I’ll enjoy it as much as I can. If I’m fortunate enough to have minutes during pre-season training and find my place on the first team, then great. If not, I’ll still be a ‘Juvenil’ player and I think my team will be the ‘Juvenil’, but I’m extremely keen and ready for anything”.

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