Aarón: “I was lucky to have signed before all this”

The winger spoke to the Club media following his second session of individual training: “We have very clear protocols that we’re following to the letter”.


10/05/2020 19:33

The big change from training at home to on the pitch

“It’s a massive change, it’s not the same training at home as it is on the pitch. After two tough months at home due to the state of alarm, being back in training with my teammates and coaching team is great, but above all because it sends out a message to the country that little by little things are getting back to normal”.

Family-orientated quarantine

“Luckily my close circle is fine, and I’ve tried to handle the quarantine in the best possible way. I’m a positive person and always try to focus on the good side of things. I’ve tried to stay close to my family, my people. Especially my son, who I’ve been with from the minute I wake up to when I go to bed. When I’m usually training, it’s more difficult”.

Two birthdays in lockdown

“Yes, it was my son’s birthday and also mine. We celebrated at home. It was different, but we were with the people we love the most. Of course, a lot of the family were missing, but the important thing is that everyone’s ok and we were able to enjoy our birthdays at home”.

Perfectly studied protocols

“From the moment we arrive, each player has their equipment; their football, GPS, water bottle, and you are disinfected as soon as you enter. Then you undertake your training plan, using posts with a pretty large separation. When we cross over, we leave a space of five metres. We have very clear protocols that we’re following to the letter”.

COVID-19 left you without a debut

“A lot of people have said that to me; what a shame you couldn’t make your debut…I see things differently. I was lucky to have signed before all this situation and belong to a club like Málaga CF. Now I’m continuing preparations for that long-awaited debut”.

Start of LaLiga, a great indication

“Hopefully that will be the case, this means that the country is getting back to normal. Following the de-escalation phases, hopefully LaLiga will return”.