Aarón: “I can’t wait for my opportunity to arrive”

After announcing his continuity with the Club yesterday until the end of the current season, the Blue and White player says he is “comfortable, happy and at ease” at MCF.


04/06/2020 13:33

Yesterday’s training match

"The feelings are good. We finally played a match that resembles a real one, using almost the entire pitch. With intensity, increasing strength and volume of work in the legs, which is the most interesting thing. I can see the team is very well prepared. Competing is different, but considering it’s the first contact, I saw good pace and intensity”.

Protocol and LaLiga

"We follow the protocol, each player in his own dressing room, we don’t get together and we follow all the appropriate measures. There’ll be another match on Saturday, on a full pitch, to allow us to accumulate more minutes and workload as LaLiga is just around the corner”.


"It’s getting closer. I can’t wait for my opportunity to arrive, I’m working as hard as I can so when I get my chance I’ll be ready”.

Club Costa City

"This project is from a grassroots football club, it had already been developed and it was simply about launching it. It has a lot to do with what Málaga is undertaking. It’s wonderful that a club as big as Málaga resembles the ideas we have, and vice versa. Happy and excited”.

Similarity to MCF project

"Being close to the parents and on top of the academic and training aspect of the kids is very interesting, providing psychological attention for the families. The fact that all the coaching staff can help is an added bonus. Málaga is very complete in many departments and you can get ideas to make them ours, too”.

Contract extension

"It was simple and straightforward. Manolo called me for a meeting and when I saw where it was going, in terms of extending the contract, I didn’t give him time to propose anything; I said he wouldn’t have a problem with me, it’s enough with the delicate situation going on within the Club and throughout the country. I said I didn’t want anything, there are people who need it, and with me he wouldn’t have a problem. It was quick and easy”.


"I feel comfortable, happy and at ease, and when you feel like that, it’s easy to act how I do. I’m a very natural person, things come naturally to me”.