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Press conference

Weligton: “I want to be at my best, so when I return, I stay”

One of the Malaguista first team captains, Weligton Pena de Oliveira speaks to the media after acting as ‘best man’ during the 2016/17 season inauguration of the Málaga Business Club.

Next match

“I’ve been talking to the coach, the injury means I’m not at 100 per cent, and therefore won’t be available for this weekend.  I’m always eager to help the team, but I must be smart and focus on the good of the team and myself.”

Room for improvement

“The team is focused, we’re all keen to improve and fully aware that each one of us can do better.  We’re heading to a difficult ground against a tough team, but we hope to score points.”

Short-term future

“The idea is to be match-ready as soon as possible.  I want to be at my best, so when I return, I stay.  I also think that if we manage to earn points in our next three matches, we’ll all feel a lot different.”