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10.000 slices of cake to sweeten #MálagaLeganés

Obrador de Confitería Tejeros is preparing thousands of pieces of cake for Málaga CF fans, to celebrate La Rosaleda’s 75th birthday.

Málaga CF-CD Leganés, taking place on Sunday 23rd October, will be a very special match.  To celebrate La Rosaleda’s 75th birthday, the Club is preparing various surprises for Blue and Whites’ fans.  One of them is to sweeten the afternoon for everyone who comes to the Blue and Whites’ stadium.

Obrador de Confitería Tejeros will be in charge of livening up the hours ahead of the match against the Madrid-based rival, with thousands of pieces of cake to be shared throughout the stadium.

Manuel Tejeros, manager of the company, is pleased to be able to participate in this Malaguismo party: “We want to distribute around 10,000 slices of cake.  We’re going to bake a main cake, so the Málaga CF team can blow out the candles.  After which, we’ll give all the fans a piece of cake before the match against Leganés.”

The head of the project explains how the cake will be made: “It is a sponge cake filled with a Chantilly cream and crème pâtissière, flavoured with orange syrup, topped with cream, with a Blue and Whites’ theme.  We’ve always had a link to Málaga CF.  We’re very close to La Rosaleda, and have been members of the Club all our lives.”

An example of this relationship with the Club and confectioner are the famous ‘Tortas Locas’: “This Malagueño pastry was invented by a member of the Blue and Whites’ team in the 50s, Eduardo Rubio”, says the manager of the Málaga-based company.

Tejeros encourages all Blue and Whites’ fans to come to La Rosaleda on Sunday: “We all need to be there to celebrate La Rosaleda’s 75th birthday.  We’ll hopefully sing a winning song, and the fans can go home with a taste of sweet victory”.

Don’t miss La Rosaleda’s birthday party!  Enjoy all the surprises we’re preparing for you!