“We have to get over past mistakes”

Malaguista coach, Sergio Pellicer held a press conference this Saturday before flying to Sabadell for tomorrow’s LaLiga SmartBank matchday 11 fixture: “We must compete at the highest level”.


07/11/2020 15:03

Joaquín Muñoz, main new addition to the squad list

“Mentally he’s very excited. We have to calm him down somewhat as he’s so eager following the recent injury he had when he arrived. Physically, he’s still not 100 per cent, but he’s gradually entered the group dynamic. Today he trained at a very high level. Above all, it’s about being with his teammates, as due to the pandemic he hasn’t been able to go into the dressing room, he’s lacked the day to day activity. We’ll see if he’s able to help us during play, but it will depend on the circumstances that arise. It’s important he doesn’t do too much too soon, but it’s certainly a step forward and we’re very pleased”.

A very dangerous rival

“CE Sabadell can be split into two blocks; the first five matches in which they suffered five defeats, many of them unrealistic considering the team’s performance; and the more recent games where they’ve claimed all the points. In addition, they earned the points against rivals in the top part of the table. There are two scenarios and we’re focusing on the last one, that this team is competing at a great level, wants to dominate the ball and knows how to handle situations on the attack and in defence. We’re going to find ourselves in an incredibly difficult match. Beyond the standings, when one competes at the highest level, the differences are sparse”.

Competing at the highest level is the way to victory

“We’re going there with the aim of taking a step forward. We know we’ll need to be more aggressive and get over past mistakes. The error has to happen for the solution to be found and we’re determined to claim all three points against a tremendously tough rival. We’re focused on achieving victory to take us back to a positive streak. I’ve said to the players, if we perform at the maximum level, no team will be superior to us. We need to compete at this level, as if we don’t, any rival can give us problems. We must compete to the max”.

Talking about... Pellicer

18/05/2021 10:33 | First team

Málaga CF’s training schedule

There’s no time to rest for the team during this final stretch of the competition. Following yesterday’s clash with Real Oviedo, the lads are back to work to prepare for the upcoming duels against Girona FC (Thursday 20) and CD Leganés (Monday 24).