Víctor: “We’re not going to make excuses, we’ll compete with all we have”

The Blue and White coach held a press conference at the Ciudad de Málaga in the run-up to #RacingMálaga. “The enthusiasm will be generated when they see the team compete”, he affirmed.


16/08/2019 13:48

Cohesive group

“We are going to adapt to the circumstances of our reality and compete with maximum enthusiasm. There’s a fantastic group and tremendous atmosphere in the dressing room, which is very positive. A cohesive and united group, respecting the work undertaken in training sessions and matches to the full. The reserve team boys have joined that line, but the more chances they have to train and play minutes in the competition, the greater their growth will be”.

Racing de Santander

“A great team in regard to confidence and enthusiasm, the mood factor generates a great deal of confidence and the lads have a highly positive dynamic of play. A very brave team, which shows with the continuity of work undertaken with the coaching team, providing a security in the style of play that is palpable. We’re sure this first match will be of maximum difficulty due to the mood and tactical ability of Iván Ania’s team”.

Market and enthusiasm

“We’ll finalise a squad to comply with the budget limit set by LaLiga. We are going to make it as competitive as possible, so the assets we have can grow and so we can help the young players to grow, which we love, and which is very good for the Club. We understand the circumstances of the market, we’re not going to make excuses, we’ll compete with all we have. This generates enthusiasm in daily training sessions, and we convey the same to our fans. They are our main asset together with the players, we want the best for Málaga, and we know they’re going to be behind the team. The enthusiasm will be generated when they see the team compete and we’ll close the transfer window with a clear picture of the squad we want”.

Message to Malagueños

“It’s feria week, the first one for us here. We wish all our fans a happy feria, our wish is to be able to give them a great week with a victory on this first matchday”.