Víctor: “We’re happy with the competitive level of the team”

The Malaguista coach analysed the run-up to #MálagaRayo to the media in a press conference: “Both teams have the same idea, it will be a very hard-fought match”.


16/09/2019 19:18

Happy with the competitive capacity

“Our job isn’t to look at the standings at this time, we’re happy with the competitive level the team is showing. We’re currently in a situation in the table which isn’t relevant. For us, having continuity in our work is far more important, which will allow us to keep growing, as there is a lot of room for growth. For that reason we’re happy, as with these complex circumstances we’ve had from the start of the season, the team has shown a competitive ability, adapting to different game systems due to all the variables we had to take into account when configuring the teams for the matches, playing three games without a centre forward… We’re content with the performance the team has shown on a defence level, we’re amongst the best teams in terms of goals conceded, and I believe that’s a very important statistic when it comes to building a solid team. On the other hand, in regard to scoring, we’re not amongst the best and we want to be. As it stands, we’re one of the worst and that’s what we have to work on. It’s clear that this data is influenced by the fact that we didn’t have players of reference in that position until matchday 4 and, in addition, players who hadn’t been training with the team. Due to all these circumstances, we’re very pleased with the work the players are doing as they’re demonstrating competitive ability. In all our matches we’ve had possibilities to win. That’s what’s important to us. The issue of effectiveness is what has led to the results we’ve had and the points we have in the standings. From there, our feeling and our conviction based on the analysis we do is that the team will continue to grow”.

A hard-fought match

“A team that has had continuity within the project since Paco took the reins last season. The squad has been reinforced well according to the requirements, and they are a team marked by Paco’s style. A very aggressive team when they don’t have the ball and a team that likes to take risks, playing from behind, when they have possession. In that sense, I think it will be a very hard-fought match. There will be a great deal of fight for possession and to perform well. I think both teams have the same idea, will try and dominate with the ball and be very effective without it. This is the type of match we’re going to see. Rayo has these characteristics and Paco has suitable players to play this style of game. We’ve been seeing the good performance they’ve had since the beginning of the season”.

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Thanks once again, FANS

Málaga CF’s first team carried out an open training session this Friday 3rd January. Around 500 fans cheered on the team in the penultimate session of the week.