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Press conference

Víctor: “We view the situation as a challenge”

The Malaguista coach attended to the media in a press conference the day before the clash with Cádiz CF: “We’re very close to the victories we want, particularly at home, and to dedicate them to our fans”.

A motivating situation

“The players understand the situation and view it as a challenge, just like us. A motivating challenge. It’s a complex situation, but we believe we can get out of it and that’s what we’re working towards. The team is competing very well in all the matches we’ve played, except the first half of the match against Huesca, and we will continue to insist. We’re climbing the mountain, but to do that we must keep on pedalling and pedalling and not stop. In addition, what the fans are doing is crucial and we’re so grateful for all their initiatives in support of the team at this time”.

Winning in front of the fans

“All the matches are important for us as we have the challenge with our own performance. We’re very close to the victories we want, particularly at home, and to dedicate them to our fans. We understand that achieving good results is the best way to thank them for their constant support. In regard to the last two games which were away from La Rosaleda, we played a great match against Zaragoza, we were so close to victory; then there was the game of two very different halves in Huesca. It was both a joy and a disappointment. At our ground, in front of our fans, we don’t care who we’re up against. The team at the top of the standings? Even better, it motivates us more. In addition, this is a historic rival for our fans, which is important for us. Little psychological work has to be done by the coach in these circumstances, the players motivate themselves”.

Cádiz CF, a strong leader

“A tremendously competitive team, with a very defined style of play, highly effective in defence and on the counter-attack, a team that makes very few mistakes and punishes rivals for the errors they make. This will be a match in which having a great deal of patience will be vital in order to cause trouble for a team that is extremely well-organised and efficient in defence. We cannot afford to make any errors in the risk zone as this rival will make the most of them. This is a team that has no problem in transferring possession to rivals, and even with far less possession, they are still immensely effective. It’s a tremendously competitive style, which is why they are where they are, on their own merit”.

It will be a great match

“It’s going to be a very difficult game as we have to go for victory. It’s a feature that also characterises us, the desire to dominate in matches and go for good results. We have to be very effective in terms of managing the ball in order to avoid making mistakes in the risk zone and to increase our effectiveness beyond any doubt. We believe we can do it as we feel we’re very close”.