Víctor: “We can feel the fans are with the team”

The Malaguista coach attended to the media in the run-up to #MálagaLasPalmas: “We’ll try to counteract Las Palmas’ strengths and make the most of their weaknesses”.


23/08/2019 13:57


“A match between two teams that are in a similar situation, with a problem in terms of the planning of the squad due to the economic situation of both clubs. That leads you to a highly variable sporting situation. Like us, it’s tough for our rivals to know precisely what team or systems we’re going to use. They have a pretty clear gameplay idea, with a defined 4-3-3 formation. In regard to players, we expect they may have some variation in respect of the first league game. They give great importance to the ball. We’ll try to counteract their strengths and make the most of their weaknesses”.


“The answer to this issue, I believe, will be given by the Club, via the Legal department. It is not up to those of us who are not experts to make these assessments. I can only comment, from my point of view, that if they are establishing rules to keep football away from young players, something is wrong…”

Debut at La Rosaleda

“We always want to play at home in front of our fans. Before the match against Racing, we showed the players some memorable images as we kicked off the competition, such as how we ended last season. It’s very important to keep that in mind. The union with our fans never leaves us, that affection, that support shown in every game. Now we won’t need to watch any video to remember. We can feel the fans are with the team. They are essential to us”.