Víctor: “Coaching Málaga is attractive in any circumstance”

The Blue and White manager held a press conference at La Rosaleda, together with sports director, José Luis Pérez Caminero to announce his continuity in the Club until 2020. “We’re in direct communication to construct a competitive squad”, he stated.


01/07/2019 20:32


“I’m happy to be able to continue with Málaga for another season, it was our first wish since the minute the season came to an end. The Club needed time to prepare the proposal well and, as soon as it arrived this week, it was a question of less than two days for the agreement to be reached. We’ve been working in a coordinated manner from the first minute on what matters most, which is the planning of the project for the coming season”.


“I didn’t need any convincing, the time we’ve spent in Málaga and got to know this team, now it’s time to see which players will be staying, as happens in all clubs. The end of a season brings a lot of changes and forms part of the planning work. However, we were convinced, as what we’ve seen during the three months we’ve been here has been positive, so we were left with no doubt”.


“We are delighted to be here and full of ambition to get to work on this new project with some different connotations. Now enters another part of our work, the phase involving the configuration of the team so when the transfer window closes, we’ll have a very clear image of the squad and work without intervention or the market affecting the team. It’s very hard to put names to this project as all teams are in the planning stages, with many agents involved in the configuration of squads that do not depend directly on us. ‘Cami’ and I have been in direct communication since the season ended to ensure we’re as well prepared as possible to construct the most competitive squad we can”.


“Coaching Málaga is attractive in any circumstance, for the entity, the history and everything it entails. The possibilities it offers and the prestige that comes from working with such an important club as Málaga, that’s the most attractive aspect. In regard to maximum enthusiasm, motivation and eagerness to affront the season, that’s all the same as last season. What we are most looking forward to is starting to compete, the periods of rest are very good to recharge the batteries, but what athletes like most is to compete”.