Traditional offering to the Patron Saint of Sport

The Blue and White first team carried out the traditional floral offering to the Divine Shepherdess, the Patron Saint of Sport, before LaLiga gets underway.


14/08/2019 13:41

Complying with tradition, the Blue and White first team visited the Parish of the Divine Shepherdess to make the traditional floral offering, which the Club undertakes every year to the Patron Saint of Sport. For another season, with three days to go until the team’s league debut in LaLiga SmartBank, the Malaguista entity asked the Patron Saint for a good season.

Following the mass, the team – accompanied by Public and Institutional Relations adviser, Francisco Martín Aguilar; Club advisers, Antonio Benítez and Abdullah Ben Barek, and deputy Sports Director, Juan Rodríguez – posed for a photo at the foot of the altar and later offered the bouquet of flowers. Adrián and Luis Hernández delivered a large floral arrangement on behalf of everyone at Málaga CF.

Since the 55/56 season, the Club has made this gesture of gratitude to the Divine Shepherdess. Sixty-five years of tradition that remains intact.

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07/09/2020 18:57 | Business

The memory of Tesesa

We bring an end to this series of sponsors with our main sponsor, Tesesa. For another year a Malagueña and Malaguista business will be featured on the shirt, a total example of commitment, faith and above all, memory.

07/09/2020 17:59 | Business

The commitment of Mi Colchón

One of the most visible parts of the new Málaga CF jersey will feature Mi Colchón. A committed business that joins our cause at a decisive time.