"This will unite us all far more as a country and at home it will help us to get to know each other better”

In-depth interview with Adrián González, Málaga Club de Fútbol first team captain.


26/03/2020 12:27

At 31 years of age, in his third season at the Club, Adrián González Morales is an essential member of the Málaga Club de Fútbol dressing room. His temperance, advice and professional maturity have played a key role in recent months in facing the difficult situations the Entity has endured.

We talk to our captain about the current state of alarm, the suspension of the competition by LaLiga and the RFEF until the government says otherwise, and his tips and tricks to get through the lockdown.

How are you handling this difficult situation?

I’m coping in the same way as everyone else, staying at home. Obviously as time goes on it gets harder, but we all need to be aware that we’re doing the right thing and try to occupy ourselves doing things at home.

Physically, after more than a week training at home, how are you feeling?

A week isn’t long enough time to get out of shape. If this carries on a long time, training at home obviously isn’t the same, although the sessions are being adapted. It’s very different training here than on the pitch with your teammates, the strength training isn’t the same. Hopefully this won’t continue long enough for us to lose our form ahead of the return of LaLiga.

Do you miss training with your teammates, being on the pitch, competing…?

I really do miss it. Being able to train with my teammates, the competition…however every day we’re a little bit nearer. I’m focusing on being patient, working hard and awaiting instructions to get back to the day to day as soon as possible.

LaLiga and the Federation agreed the suspension of the competition with no fixed date to return. What do you think?

As expected. When the two postponed dates passed, the normal thing is an official statement, which we had. You have to view the different possible scenarios, and from then on plan the return of LaLiga.

In your point of view, as a player, what do you consider the best scenario to be? Return to competition or designate a champion, and relegated and promoted teams based on the current standings, or other options?

As long as health is not in danger, the fairest thing to do would be to complete LaLiga, which would also be beneficial financially. Should we not finish the competition, there will be consequences both in terms of sporting fairness and obviously economically. Therefore, providing the players’ health is not in jeopardy, the best thing we can do is make a huge effort and end the competition in the fairest way.

The Club has taken important steps in terms of consolidation with the ratification of the sports director and coach, don’t you think?

Very important. I think it was time to give the Club stability in terms of sport as well. They are two people who have earned this endorsement with their daily work and treatment of the team, and I think it’s positive that these steps forward were taken.

What do you think about the administrator? Have you been able to meet him? Do you think he’s taking the right steps?

Yes, I’ve met José María personally and we’ve spoken a few times. It’s early, you have to see what the Club’s real situation is. Little by little it will become clearer. He has shown us a level of calm, and it’s positive that he’s working within the Club. I believe Málaga is going to have a much better future than we saw a few months ago.

How are your wife, children and close family?

Luckily all my family are fine. A large part of them live in Madrid, which is where the main focus of the virus is in Spain, and they are all healthy and doing well. My wife and children are here with me in Málaga, they’re also very well, keeping me company at home. I cannot complain.

How are you killing time? Have you had chance to get bored?

I have no time for boredom. Spending each day at home with my two children keeps me pretty busy. My wife and I try to keep the routine of a normal day. We have breakfast together, then I train, do homework with my eldest son and the afternoons are for leisure time. Watching films, playing with the kids, I am taking the opportunity to continue studying the coaching course…The weekend seems a bit longer and there’s no training or homework on Sundays, so it seems longer.

What things are you doing at home that you normally can’t do?

Spending time with my wife and children. Between training sessions, afternoons when I’m busy with my coaching course and travelling at weekends…I’m making the most of spending more time with them and also spending more time in the kitchen. I love cooking with my wife. I’m also working on completing my coaching course, as I said earlier. There are enough things to be doing, and hobbies to do at home to fill this time.

Are you taking any positives from this period of quarantine at home?

This will unite us all far more as a country and at home it will help us to get to know each other better. We are going to value things far more than before and now more than ever we’ll want to spend time with our friends and families more, not just over Christmas. We’re realising that you should always be close to the people you love.

Can you offer us a message of responsibility and awareness?

It’s time to attack the measures that work, have patience and show solidarity as it’s important to understand that this is affecting elderly people and those with underlying health conditions. We must be aware, be good citizens and know that every day we’re closer to this situation coming to an end.

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