The memory of Tesesa

We bring an end to this series of sponsors with our main sponsor, Tesesa. For another year a Malagueña and Malaguista business will be featured on the shirt, a total example of commitment, faith and above all, memory.


07/09/2020 18:57

The relationship between Málaga CF and Tesesa goes back to the 2006/07 season during the Club's second season, under its current name, in the silver division. José Hernández, ‘Pepe’ is the owner of this leading company in Málaga in the manufacture of interior, exterior and custom doors, the latest in wood, varnish, textures, glass, engravings and carvings using unique and specialised products.

Don’t forget Tesesa was the main sponsor during the last ascent to the First Division (2007/08), during what was an unforgettable time. In addition, Pepe Hernández became a director of the Blue and White entity in 2010. It was two summers ago, in 2018, at the headquarters of the company located in El Viso, when the new and present union between MCF and Tesesa was made official.

During these difficult years, Tesesa has continued to support the Blue and White colours, as their own. And from generation to generation, like Pepe and his daughter Lorena, on a business and emotional level.

We can barely remember the absence of Tesesa on our Malaguista kits. The old and the new. Past, from memory. Present, from commitment. And faith, with an ‘F for future.


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