Automóviles Nieto and Restaurante UMMO are Playing at Home

The company specialising in automobiles and the Italian food restaurant join the network of Malaguista SMEs and star in the first edition of 'La Pizarra de Jugamos de Local', where they carry out an infallible strategy.

One of the most important aspects of football is strategy. Whether in automated actions by the players or through set pieces, the teams take advantage of the blackboard to get as many points as possible throughout the season. Whilst ‘Playing at Home’ Automóviles Nieto and Restaurante UMMO have designed their own strategy.

Restaurante UMMO stands out in midfield. From the school of our beloved Maresca, they’ll receive the ball in the centre of the pitch. From there, the idea is simple: move forward and find the unmarked player at the Automóviles Nieto penalty spot. This one begins their move from outside the area, to surprise the central defenders.

The great touch of Restaurante UMMO and the magnificent definition of Automóviles Nieto ensure us a 10% discount and a price reduction that ranges between 400 and 600 euros. The goal is a sure thing! And we’re Playing at Home!

All the ingredients for the machinery to work perfectly!


Automóviles Nieto

They began their journey in 1949 at the hand of Joaquín Nieto Gálvez, who settled in Málaga and kicked off his business activity with the opening of a bicycle workshop.

Over the years, his children created several companies, including Automóviles Nieto. The official Hyundai dealer in Málaga joined Grupo Nieto Automoción in 2020.

Currently, they provide services for the sale of new and used vehicles, insurance, financing, mechanics, sheet metal and painting, among others. Malaguista season ticket holders can enjoy a €600 discount on new Hyundai vehicles and a €400 discount on pre-owned and used vehicles. What amazing discounts!


They are located at:

  • C/ Hermanos Lumière, 6. 29004 Málaga
  • C/ José Manuel Vallés. S/N. 29603 Marbella, Málaga
  • C/ Yunque, 22. 29603 Marbella, Málaga
  • Miramar, 17. 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga


Restaurante UMMO

Situated on Calle Flamencos, 1 (29018, Málaga), their essence is a synthesis of tradition and continuous innovation. The dishes are made by hand and cooked at the moment with natural, fresh, top-quality products. Enveloping aroma, a beauty in the finish of the dishes and an unmistakable flavour.

They offer an authentic gastronomic experience supported by continuous innovation, the best selection of Italian ingredients and high-quality raw materials.

To enjoy the experience, make a reservation here. Also, enjoy a 10% discount by presenting your Malaguista card!