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The MBC 20/21 is underway!

Málaga CF’s Business Club begins a new season full of challenges, as activity resumes with the 26 members affiliated with The MBC.

A new season kicked off yesterday for the Málaga Business Club, which in March next year will be celebrating a decade of highlighting the Málaga Club de Fútbol brand.

In light of the current situation, the presentation of the 20/21 season was held online with hosts of the first digital meeting being MiColchón. Until the long-awaited normality is resumed, two online meetings will take place per month one every fortnight) between members of the club.

Every meeting will be sponsored by a member of The MBC, who in turn will act as a ‘host’ to another business. This time around, MiColchón did so with Clínica Dental Gross Dentistas. The aim of these online seminars is to boost digital networking, promote, introduce and present business projects and reinvent new business formulas during these difficult times marked by COVID-19.

During the first digital meeting, special guest Sergio Pellicer was in attendance. The Blue and White first team coach thanked MiColchón for their commitment and involvement, and for their support and that of the rest of the businesses committed to the MCF brand. “Thank you for staying by our side during these tough times. Without you, the sponsors, the fans, I wouldn’t be sitting here, nor would the rest of the workers. We have a new, exciting group, things are being done well within the Club and little by little we will take steps forward towards a better future”, he explained.