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The MBC kicks off the year playing pickleball

The members of the Málaga Business Club have carried out their first joint action of 2023 at Colegio Los Olivos. Pickleball, a new sport, was the chosen activity to start the year.

Once again, the Malaguista Family continues to organise fun networking events to strengthen the ties between the club and The MBC. Last Thursday morning, the 26th of January, the group of companies visited Colegio Los Olivos to try out a new sport called pickleball.

Juan Luis Cebrián, general manager of Grupo ANP, stated that “it’s a new sport that has been played in the United States for many years and Europe for three or four years. We’re just starting to play pickleball here in Málaga this year. The first fixed courts in Málaga are located at Colegio Los Olivos. We have four and are going to construct five more. It’s a very new activity, an easy sport to play and a lot of fun. We wanted to share it with the members of The MBC,” said Juan Luis, host of the activity.

In addition, Pickleball Europe was represented by Miguel Aróstegui, who explained what the sport consists of: “It’s a very dynamic racket game. It’s a combination of paddle tennis, tennis, ping pong and badminton. It’s a great game to play and very easy to learn.”

Carlos Arias, Málaga CF’s Business and General Services Director, commented that they wanted to start the year “enjoying a great day.” He also wanted to thank The MBC for supporting the Club and taking part in the event. “The MBC is the family that never fails you, regardless of the circumstances. We encourage all businesses to join us in these activities parallel to football. They unite, network and help both Málaga and the companies individually to grow,” he continued. This was echoed by Tamara Parra, executive of large accounts at Vodafone Business, who stressed that “both this type of event and those that take place in the Málaga CF box at matches are very productive on a business level.”

Following the event, the members focused on networking and talked about the highlights of the activity.

Our MBC proved to be on top form, with batteries fully charged to face 2023 with optimism, energy and enthusiasm. See you all at La Rosaleda!