“The least we can offer is hard work and professionalism”

Málaga CF midfielder, Manuel Iturra appeared in the mixed zone following #MálagaRealMadrid: “We need to try and finish the season in the best way possible”.


15/04/2018 23:55

Match analysis

“They went ahead with a superb goal by Isco. They are Real Madrid, the best players in the world. As much as we wanted to, we couldn’t do it. We lost to a great rival”.

Opportunity before half-time

“The time I scored at Camp Nou against FC Barcelona came to me in a flash, it was just like it. I tried to define in the same way, but the ball stayed very close to my foot. I couldn’t hit the ball completely. I’ll be thinking about this for a long time to come. Scoring against Real Madrid just before time would have really got us into the game, and we would have been level after 45 minutes”.

Hard work and dignity

“It’s the very least we can give to the fans and the very least we can do. There are many people who leave a lot of things aside to come to the stadium, to be a Málaga supporter. The least we can offer is hard work, dignity and professionalism. We need to try and finish the season in the best way possible. Now we’re facing a match against a team that is marking the safety zone. We’ll do our best to go out there and win”.

Talking about... Iturra

19/05/2018 20:24 | Report

10 years in the elite ends in defeat (0-1)

Málaga CF lost out to Getafe CF, at La Rosaleda, on LaLiga Santander matchday 38. A goal from Remy from the penalty spot in the second half led the Madrid rival to victory, bringing an end to the 2017/18 season.