The commitment of Mi Colchón

One of the most visible parts of the new Málaga CF jersey will feature Mi Colchón. A committed business that joins our cause at a decisive time.


07/09/2020 17:59

It’s always great to welcome a new member into the family. We’re thrilled Mi Colchón is joining the Malaguista Family, a Málaga-based company with origins in Córdoba, boasting four decades of hard work which has seen it grow to the top of its sector.

The story of Mi Colchón is fascinating. Manuel Guerrero, the father of the current managers, opened a small mattress factory in Córdoba in 1980 and soon sought out new horizons with Málaga as a destination. In particular, El Palo, selling mattresses and sofas at low prices and travelling long journeys where they literally slept in a modest van.

Jacobo and Francisco Guerrero inherited that passion for entrepreneurship from their father, and their effort and hard work saw Mi Colchón grow throughout the province with several of its own stores, associated franchises and large headquarters in El Viso.

Mattresses and other luxury products bearing the Málaga stamp that can be found in the homes of many players from the two great teams in the province, CB Unicaja and our very own Málaga CF.

Your example and commitment during these times fills us with pride, and nourishes the new kit with a sponsorship that will make history with us. That’s for sure.


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