The coach leaves, the Malaguista stays

Pablo Adrián Guede held an emotional press conference this afternoon at La Rosaleda. The players, coaching team and Club employees accompanied him in his farewell.


22/09/2022 14:56

The Entity's Malaguista Family gathered in the 'Juan Cortés' room to bid farewell to a Malaguista. Pablo Guede is leaving, but his passion for Malaguismo will always remain. An icon as a player who fulfilled his dream as a coach.

The Club, featuring a wide representation of management and staff, plus all first team players, coaching staff, doctors and assistants, accompanied Guede who could not suppress his tears at times due to the emotion of saying farewell.

Before the round of questions from the media, Pablo reviewed his recent stage at the Club. “I came here 25 years ago. I lived my best life as a player, and I left with the hope of coming back. I returned during a difficult situation and had to save the team from relegation. Then this season we put together this project with all the enthusiasm in the world to return this team to the First Division. Hand on heart, this is one of the best groups I’ve had,” he affirmed.

“I wanted to say goodbye in the way this club deserves. Feelings are stronger than reality. This is football, the ball either goes in the net or it doesn't, but what remains are the people. And I'm taking a lot of friends with me”, continued the Argentine, visibly moved and grateful to everyone at the Club.

Pablo Guede leaves after fulfilling his big dream. “I’m not leaving here sad, I’m not hurt. I know these things happen in football. I leave with all the love of these people. I’m proud because I fulfilled my life’s dream. I experienced being here with a full stadium. I am privileged to enter this temple and have people chant my name. I’ll support this team to the death, they are the ones to take this club where it deserves,” he added.

Guede had some very affectionate words for the players he coached. “These guys are destined for success. This group is worth its weight in gold,” he said. “I knew I’d stay here, I don’t know about the future, but I'm staying in Malaga, as I've always planned.”

“Dreams are what spur us on,” he said near the end of his speech, referring to having played and enjoyed promotion, and coaching Málaga CF. “Just because I didn’t achieve the goal, the affection for these colours and this city will never change,” he concluded.

There was a mighty ovation from those present at his press conference, full of hugs and gestures of affection, to bring an end to Pablo Guede's time at Málaga CF.

The coach leaves, the legend continues. Thanks for everything, Pablo. Thank you from the heart.

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