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The beautiful Balcón de Europa stars in the visit to Alcoyano

Artist José Luis Puche presents us with a wonderful piece featuring the famous Balcón de Europa in Nerja and its idyllic views as the protagonist of Alcoyano-Málaga.

Málaga will head to Alcoy for the Primera Federación matchday 25 fixture on Saturday 24th February. Estadio del Collao will host the match kicking off at 18:00, and the charming municipality of Nerja will feature on the Blue and White captain’s armband.

Nerja is a municipality located in the eastern part of the Axarquía region, about 50 km from the Costa del Sol capital. It has an area of 85 km² where you can enjoy an extensive range of leisure, outdoor activities, entertainment and culture, making Nerja one of the most visited places in the province.

The origin of this municipality dates back to the Upper Paleolithic, as shown by the remains found in one of the iconic places of the municipality: the Nerja Caves. This municipality has an incredible legacy, having been inhabited by Arabs and Romans before the takeover by the Christians in 1487.

Nerja’s appeal speaks for itself. The Nerja Caves, Balcón de Europa, Águila Aqueduct, History Museum, Maro, Burriana... These are some of the most outstanding points that can be found in Nerja, which together with the hospitality and affection of the Nerjeños and Nerjeñas make this municipality an iconic place on a global scale.

The Nerja Caves are a world attraction. These natural wonders, which receive thousands of visitors each year, present archaeological strata, cave paintings and sites thousands of years old that elevated them to a Historical-Artistic Monument in 1961. In them, paintings of seals were found that, according to experts, could be some of humanity's first works of rock art.

The Balcón de Europa is another of the most famous places in Nerja. The idyllic views of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the charm of the area in which it is located, attracts thousands of people every day, making it one of the most powerful tourist attractions in the province.

Moreover, the cultural offering in Nerja is beautiful. In addition to walking through its cozy and charming streets where you can see beautiful churches, monuments, squares and green areas, in Nerja you can enjoy nature in its purest form with the Chillar River or the beaches of Burriana and Maro. Places where you can see nature in its fullness and enjoy the natural environment.

Our colours are Blue and White and in summer we share one of them with Nerja, where summer is blue. Chanquete, Julia, Piraña, Bea, Quique, Pancho, Javi and Desi may be familiar names. All of them, and others, have a close relationship with Nerja, and they are some of the characters in the legendary Spanish series “Verano azul,” which was filmed in Nerja and which made all of Spain fall in love with its beautiful landscapes and images that are visited by fans of the series every day.

Nerja’s gastronomy is characterised by the presence of tropical fruits such as avocado, mango and cherimoya thanks to the condition of the land and the geography of the municipality. Some of the most notable dishes are the ‘potaje de fideos’, ‘las migas’ and ‘el ajoblanco’.

For the design of the captain’s armband for this match, artist José Luis Puche once again gives us a wonderful work where, in an almost magical way, he manages to synthesize the essence of Nerja. The Balcón de Europa is framed by the extraordinary natural beauty that this privileged enclave gives us. Furthermore, Puche highlights the monument of Alfonso XII, who - according to legend - said precisely: “This is the Balcony of Europe,” marvelling at its beauty. Your Majesty, how right he was!

Málaga CF, the pride of the province!