Thanks, Nati

Nati Gutiérrez is no longer coach of Málaga CF Femenino. The Club appreciates her hard work and commitment and wishes her all the best for the future.


14/04/2021 20:15

Natalia Gutiérrez Garrido's extensive career within the Blue and White entity (Málaga, 1982) dates back to her time as a player with the formerly known Club Atlético Málaga.

It was within the Málaga CF Femenino youth ranks, coaching the MCFF Infantil as well as being MCFF School coordinator, where Nati asserted her status as coach. In 2018 she won the Andalusian championship with the Malaguista Cadetes and made history by becoming the first Malagueña to obtain a UEFA-Pro coach title.

In the 19/20 campaign, continuing as coordinator of Málaga CF’s Women’s School, she became the first team’s assistant coach, the right-hand of José Herrera. Nati went on to assume the role of MCFF first coach, making history once again as the first woman in the role.

The results achieved during this 20/21 season in Reto Iberdrola haven’t shown the enormous dedication, tremendous enthusiasm, passion for the game and the tireless work of Nati, who leaves the Club, but will never stop being part of the Malaguista Family.

Nati, we wish you the best and you know that this has been, is and always will be your home.  Don’t forget that. Lots of luck and see you soon.

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A somewhat conflicting weekend, with Malagueño not in competition, nor the Juvenil 'A' team and Cadetes in the División de Honor, as their games were postponed due to COVID. MCFF were relegated to the 1ª Nacional, whilst in 7-a-side football the Alevín 'A' were proclaimed league champions.

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Málaga CF Femenino drew yesterday against Levante UD ‘B’ on matchday 9 of Group Sur D in the Reto Iberdrola, certifying their relegation to 1ª Nacional femenina.

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A weekend without competition for Atlético Malagueño. The Juvenil 'A' in the División de Honor are facing an exciting match against Real Betis, at La Rosaleda Stadium, broadcast by 101TV and the Club’s official media.