“#SiempreFuerte and his fight is the best example to us all”

Coach, José González states “here no one will ever give up, and we’ll fight until the last match. What better example than Pablo Ráez?"


09/02/2018 13:59

Importance of the match

“Every match we face is important. Particularly as, after pursuing victories, which I believe we had within reach, we didn’t manage to achieve. We are aware we’re facing a very difficult opponent, tough to beat and who concedes few goals. We know it’ll be hard, but I don’t think they view the match as straightforward. I believe we’ve earned respect and have shown competitiveness in recent games, which is the most important thing. We’re hopeful because we will have the support of our fans, which is unconditional despite these tough times. Hopefully we’ll be able to claim a win, which is perhaps one of the most difficult throughout LaLiga”.

Success in front of goal

“I believe we’re close to scoring goals, and when better than tomorrow? We’ll only have a few opportunities, but the team is fresh in mind, despite the setbacks every week, and the standings. I see a lot of competition for positions, great attitude, a lot of willing, all of which we want to show against a very difficult rival, logically”.

#SiempreFuerte (#AlwaysStrong)

“Irreversible? Never. More so when talking about sport. Yesterday I was at a gala and was deeply touched by a youngster who had a very serious illness, and all his photos were with a smile and showing his fight. We are facing something as trivial as football to give up? Never. Here no one will ever give up, and we’ll fight until the last match. What better example than this guy who was an example to us all with his fighting spirit? We must all be like that: #SiempreFuerte”.

The match

“We are going to see two teams who will be aiming to be a tough opponent for their rival. They have a good dose of talent, but that must be compensated with the right mentality and strength. For us, the match needs to be much more important than it is for them. In addition, we have the support of our fans, which is unconditional, despite the fact we haven’t given them much. I want to remain optimistic. We’ll see an even match. At times we’ll call on our fans to support us even more, and to play, not a good game, as it’s going to be difficult as Atleti will always make for an ugly match, but a very competitive one”.