Seleznov: “I promise to give my all”

The latest Malaguista signing was officially presented earlier today at La Rosaleda’s press room. “My priority is football”, he affirmed.


11/01/2019 14:21

Ukrainian striker Yevhen Seleznov was accompanied by the Club’s sports director, José Luis Pérez Caminero during his presentation to the media. “We were looking for a player with dedication, fight, a goal-man, with great strength and a good shot. We’ve heard some great reports both from a football and personal aspect, the coach has worked with him before and knows him well, there were a number of things that helped us to achieve the objective”, stated Caminero, who said that the winter transfer window “is open, we’re going to try and improve the team, and if the conditions are right we’ll do it. We only value bettering the team. We’ll continue working during this winter transfer window and will do whatever we can”.

Press conference | Seleznov

Physical condition

“I feel much better now and am getting in shape. I need a bit of time, not much, to get fit and help the team”.


“I hope to move up to the First Division, I don’t expect anything else. I cannot promise I’ll score goals every time I play, but I will give my all to do so”.

Friendship with former Malaguista, Boyko

“I’ve spoken with him, but first to the coach (Boyko). He told me Málaga was a great place to live and great for the family, but my priority is football”.

Knowledge of Spain and the Club

“I’m keen to know more about Spanish football as I love tactics and the understanding of football. I’ve been here twice, in Málaga, it’s a good team from where many good players have stemmed”.

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