Rubén and Rondón only patients in the malaguista infirmary

Also, Iván González, Alberto Luque and Juanito, who recently suffered with physical pain of one sort or another, are now a hundred percent and are exercising normally with the rest of the group coached by Manuel Pellegrini.


17/11/2010 12:59

Málaga Club de Fútbol’s Medical Services headed by doctor Juan Carlos Pérez Frías, published the medical report of the first team players that are not fit. In particular, long-term injured Rubén Martínez and Salomón Rondón. The Galician goalkeeper, suffered a sprained ligament in his right knee a month ago, he still had some problems last Sunday however it is hoped that if he progresses well he should join the group in “a couple of days”, according to Juan Carlos. On the other hand, Venezuelan forward, it was diagnosed on 29th October that he had a torn muscle fibre in the anterior quadriceps of his right leg, has started to increase the rate at which he carries out his rehabilitation and, if all goes well, will join the rest of the group this Friday.