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Rondón: “Levante make a fortress at home but we’re going out to get the three points”

Málaga Club de Fútbol’s Venezuelan international, José Salomón Rondón, this morning spoke to the media in the press room at the Ciudad de Málaga stadium.

Rondón’s statements:
(Back from Venezuela). “Physically I feel great, even though it’s a long route back and that’s tiring, but I feel happy that my national team won.”
(Málaga). “I train hard every day, waiting for my opportunity.  We all want to play and get more minutes on the pitch, me included.”
(Levante). “It’s going to be a difficult match because Levante make a fortress at home. It’ll be a hard-fought game but we’re going with the mentality that we’ll be bring back the three points.”
(Debut as a goalscorer). “All forwards want to get goals and for them it’ll only be a question of time.  It’s all a little muted but we’re still only at the beginning of the league for all the strikers, and it’ll all come in the end.”
(King’s Cup). “We’ll wait to hear who we’re playing and we’ll overcome the qualifiers, we have the aim of getting into Europe with the league, and the King’s Cup is important for all the players, so we all want to get through.”
(Real Madrid). “There are just two more matches before this one, so we can’t even think about Madrid now.  The match against Madrid will be like this Levante one.”

(Interest from other clubs). “Officially, there’s been none. I have a contract for four years and there’s nothing concrete in this respect.”