Press conference

Roberto: “We’ll continue to give our all in every game”

The Málaga CF goalkeeper spoke to the media following this morning’s training match: “We have to focus on improving, being professionals and bringing joy back to the fans”.

Give our all

“I’ve been saying it for a long time, we’ve experienced different phases of this traumatic process, we’re the ones on the front line. We’re in a critical situation, extremely difficult, I don’t know if I’d call it almost irreversible; but anything can happen in football and we’re seeing it at all levels every day. As professionals we’ll continue to give our all and do our utmost in every match until 20th May”.


“We must focus on improving individually, in being professionals, bringing joy back to the fans and showing the commitment we have in wearing this jersey every day. That’s the principal objective with which we face training sessions every day”.

Real Madrid CF

“For us each rival we face is now more in the background. Obviously, we know the rival we’re up against, the quality they have and the moment they’re at, which is what we have in mind when preparing for the game. However, we have so much work to do in focusing on ourselves, that the rival takes more of a back seat”.


“The players have a very responsible role in this situation. Not all the things that happen are the fault of a single sector of a club, but those of us who go out on to the pitch and win or lose matches are the ones responsible, generally speaking, for this situation”.