Roberto: “I would like to say goodbye to the fans, but Andrés deserves to play”

The Blue and Whites’ MVP spoke to the media following the event at Joyería Marcos, in which he was honoured as the best player of 2017/18. “I’ll be there to support Andrés and bid farewell to the people” he said.


15/05/2018 14:51

Statements by Roberto Jiménez

Malaguista goal

“As a professional I’d like to play every minute possible. I’ve had the great privilege of enjoying nearly every minute this year, yet despite this, in the two matches I haven’t played I’ve missed the competition. I would like to say goodbye to the fans, who have given me so much, and proof of this is that we are here now. However, I obviously understand the circumstances and that Andrés deserves to enjoy those minutes for his behaviour and hard work all season. I’ll be there to support him and bid farewell to the people at the same time”.

Andrés Prieto

“He’s having a tough time, they are difficult games in which maintaining the requirement isn’t easy. I’ve spoken to him a great deal over the past few days and he has to face it well individually, to show the people he has the level that everyone who works with him every day knows he has, and he must make the most of it and enjoy it, as every First Division game is very important”.

Personal situation

“I feel very sorry, I said it the first say I came here. I arrived with the intention of putting roots down here, enjoying a long-term project in a fabulous place, and having lived here I think so even more. However, circumstances rule and once again we must take the reins of the profession and continue the adventures as they allow”.