Ricca: “We have with the maximum will and the same excitement”

The Málaga CF captain said that “the top end of the table is very tight” and that “the team continues working to improve day by day.”


04/12/2018 12:31

Relaxed and work

“We had a very good start at home, without letting any points escape, but now we must continue working to have peace of mind. We know we have details that need to be corrected in order to improve, but the team’s still working and is already aiming for the next game.”


“It was a very even game the other day with two very good teams. Until the goal the team was fine, although it’s true that after the goal we lacked a bit of clarity to be able to find the draw. The team always competes and is always in the game, we must continue working with the same mentality that we’ve always had, training every day to the maximum and thinking about the next match and trying to get the three points.”


“We always go with the idea of ​​getting all three points, we know that we have a difficult opponent like most of us in the category; we are already focused on Mallorca.”

Winning and excitement

“We know that the top end of the table is very tight and that this is going to be a long journey. We knew it from the beginning and, obviously, we knew that this would be difficult, we have the maximum will and the same excitement as always to be able to continue competing and try to win again.”


“The fans are always spectacular, they have been really backing us. We continue to ask for this support because we need them. I invite everyone to continue accompanying us because their encouragement helps us. When we play with their support the team gets a boost.”

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