RFEF announces the definitive suspension of non-professional football

The decision affects all teams within the MCF Academy and Málaga CF Femenino, bringing an end to the 19/20 campaign.


08/05/2020 17:00

The current state of alarm throughout the country has disrupted all sports competitions. The pandemic that stemmed from the spread of COVID-19 has stopped Spanish sport in its tracks. As such, the RFEF has decided to permanently suspend all non-professional football competitions.

This decision concludes the 19/20 season for all teams that make up the MCF Academy as well as Málaga CF Femenino, who will return to competition in the 20/21 season pending future measures by the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

Within the actions taken, there will be no relegations in 2ªB and 3ª, but there will be promotions via an express play-off format among the top four teams. The Blue and White reserve team, currently in 9th place in the standings, will return to compete in the Third Division next season.

Málaga CF Femenino will return to compete in Grupo Sur of the Reto Iberdrola, ending the season in 5th place. As such, moving up to the women’s first division - La Liga Iberdrola - are Liberbank Santa Teresa Badajoz and SD Eibar. The Málaga CF Femenino reserve team will not be eligible for promotion either as the first team competes in the next division up.

The RFEF has also suspended the Copa de Campeones and Copa del Rey Juvenil, so this also means an end to the season for this Malaguista squad.

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