Reaction from Femenino and Juvenil DH to the season suspension: “Health is the most important thing”

Juvenil DH coach, Nacho Pérez Santamaría and Málaga CF Femenino player, Cristina Postigo evaluate the RFEF’s decision to end the season for non-professional leagues due to the COVID-19 crisis.


08/05/2020 17:50

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Royal Spanish Football Federation has decided to permanently suspend all non-professional competitions. This influences the MCF Academy teams as well as Málaga CF Femenino. Given this decision, Juvenil DH coach, Nacho Pérez Santamaría, along with player and captain of Málaga CF Femenino, Cristina Postigo tell MCFTV their opinion of the RFEF’s measure.

Nacho Pérez Santamaría, Juvenil DH coach

“In my opinion, the decision made by the Federation is absolutely right. The safety protocols that must be followed would be far more complicated to carry out in this category”.

“This decision wasn’t great for the lads as they were excited about the end to the season. We were already in Copa del Rey positions, but they also wanted to fight for Liga de Campeones options. Being unable to finish what has been a good season has been very disappointing for them”.

“Despite everything, I think it’s been positive. The boys have matured both individually and collectively. We’ve become a more solid, stronger team, which will help the lads in the future”.


Cristina Postigo, Málaga CF Femenino player

“Of course, in light of this situation we’re all living, health is the most important thing. We would have liked to have ended the season in another way”.

“We’ll keep working hard ahead of next season to arrive in the best possible conditions”.

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