Raquel: "It’s an honour to score my first goal wearing this jersey”

The Blue and Whites’ central scored her first goal wearing the Malaguista jersey against Daimiel Racing CF: “I hope this is the first of many, now we look forward”.


01/10/2017 18:51

Málaga Femenino midfielder, Raquel García analyses the major 8-1 victory by the Malaguistas against Daimiel Racing Club Femenino in Cártama. 

First goal with Málaga 

"I’m thrilled to have scored my first goal wearing this jersey, I hope it’s the first of many, now we look forward. It’s an honour and pleasure to play alongside these girls, who make everything much easier”.

Match analysis

"In the first half we had more possession, but didn’t manage to convert. In the second half we maintained the same level of possession, the same gameplay and clearer ideas, and the goals kept on coming as the match progressed”.


"Adriana is from another world, for us she’s a benchmark. We focus a lot on her, not just on the field of play but also off it. She sets an example for us all”.

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MCF Academy match schedule

Lots of exciting matches are coming up this weekend for the Blue and White youth teams. The reserve team boys are heading to Jaén whilst the Juvenil ‘A’ will play Cádiz in Rincón de la Victoria, in the two big games of the weekend.