Ramón and Kevin visit MCF Camp

The Malaguista players, accompanied by Málaga Genuine, visited the second shift of the MCF Camp at Roma Luz, where they enjoyed a great time with the young footballers.


16/07/2022 17:20

Málaga CF players Ramón and Kevin, along with Málaga Genuine, visited the second turn of the MCF Camp, which took place this week at the Roma Luz ground.

Ramón and Kevin took a break from the demanding pre-season to enjoy meeting the young players. In addition to the usual exchange of questions and answers with the campmates, the Blue and White players also took part in the camp’s activities. Kevin played goalkeeper in a penalty shootout and Ramón took part in a round.

There were many displays of affection between the MCF Camp students and the first team players, with chants of “Málaga, Málaga!” during the group photo.

Next week the Málaga CF Camp moves to Torrox between Monday 18th and Friday 22nd July.

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