Pont Grup, for Malaguista insurance

The insurance brokerage maintains a close relationship with the Club, embodied in the ‘Malaguista Policy’. Long-term member of The MBC and nearly five years in the dugout at La Rosaleda.


01/06/2020 17:38

Pont Grup is the insurance brokerage for all Blue and Whites, reflected in the so-called ‘Malaguista Policy’, which has been around for five years, reinforcing the harmony between both companies.

The firm was one of the first to join The MBC family and has a great presence at La Rosaleda. Indeed, we see their name on the benches at the stadium.

Pont Grup is Malagueña, founded in 1989. Malagueña and Malaguista. Since then, with Iván Domínguez at the helm as Director General; Sergio Recio, Head of the Large Accounts Division; and Santiago Bardelli, Accounts Executive, this company has earned the trust of Málaga and the Malagueños.

With them, we’re very safe!

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