Pinturas Andalucía fills a new webinar with colour

The MBC enjoyed another remote meeting, with Pinturas Andalucía as host and Cristina Orozco Decoración the invited guest.


18/03/2021 17:54

The company specialising in the decoration of floors, walls and ceilings, belonging to The MBC, has been in our homes for four decades. Established in 1980 in the heart of the Costa del Sol, in Fuengirola, the firm’s philosophy hasn’t changed. More products, more services and more values. Much more than paint at Pinturas Andalucía.

Forty years later and the company continues to reap the rewards of a job well done. The Malagueña and Malaguista firm has won the respect and trust of its customers with technical solutions and innovative responses to client needs. In addition, this is complemented by their wide range of services, which enhance the shopping experience, such as expert advice, home delivery and project financing.

During the webinar, Pinturas Andalucía was represented by its marketing director, Manuel Espiritusanto. The history of the host company was covered during the meeting. In addition, the host discussed storytelling as a marketing and decoration tool with the invited guest, Cristina Orozco Decoración, represented by Cristina Orozco, manager of the company.

On behalf of the Club at the meeting was Juande, Málaga CF first team central defender and one of the top scorers of the season. He thanked the members of The MBC for their support, highlighting how unity is fundamental to overcome these tough times.

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02/06/2021 11:11 | First team

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